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Senior Marketing Activation Manager

  • Greater Manchester
  • 28,000-29,999 per annum
  • March 22, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organisation:

This role is responsible for maximizing the profitability of Retail Northern Europe Market by leading a team to positively impacting Brand Execution, NPS, Traffic, Conversion, ATV, UPT and Profit Margin across all store formats through flawlessly executed consumer-relevant Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing campaigns, promotions and in-store communication.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy and Priorities

  • Define yearly Marketing Activation team priorities based on both Brand and Retail targets and current Retail performance and provide team with targets and projects.


Seasonal Retail Marketing Calendar Planning

  • Own the development of local SP, Originals, Stella McCartney, Outlet and CRM Retail Marketing Calendars based on global Retail Marketing Calendars and aligned with Retail Merchandising and local Brand Marketing.

Global Campaign Implementation

  • Ensure the flawless execution of SP, Originals, Stella McCartney and Factory Outlet Retail Marketing Campaigns, Promotions and In-Store Communication tools.
  • Ensure campaign targets are properly set, evaluated and met and that Marketing Working Budget (MWB) is optimized.
  • Feedback learnings and concerns on the performance of global campaigns to Global Concepts to Consumer team.

Local Campaign Development and Implementation

  • Be accountable for the necessity and results of local campaigns and promotions and ensure all necessary approvals are obtained.
  • Be accountable for the success of new store openings by ensuring appropriate 360 degree activation plans are developed and implemented and relevant actions are taken when stores are not performing.
  • Work with Local Brand Marketing to other local Retail functions to deliver holistic Brand plans, with a focus on the Key Cities (with a priority on London)
  • Ensure campaign targets are properly set, evaluated and met and that MWB is optimized.
  • Share Best Practice when relevant with local functions and WE

Team Management

  • Manage, lead and take ownership for the Marketing Activations a team ensuring that all subordinates have the knowledge and practical skills required and promotes a high performance culture by setting clear expectations and individual goals to focus the team/organization on key drivers that impact success.
  • Define training and development requirements\methods for the Marketing Activations team, Store Managers and In-store Trainers in both FO and Concept Retail stores to ensure Marketing Activations excellence is implemented and maintained continuously.
  • Define clear performance expectations of the team determining a performance management schedule and evaluation of progress toward established targets
  • Leads and promotes a professional, high performance culture, leading by example and setting clear professional standards of operation and works effectively to drive store results in partnership with all Key business partners across the Retail and Wholesale business. (i.e. CoE, Senior Managers, District Managers, Store Teams)    
  • Evaluate the competencies of his/her subordinates on a regular basis and provide prompt and constructive feedback and assumes a coaching role in order to support and inspire his/her subordinates
  • Takes ownership for a consistent Talent Management Process in his/her respective region/division/department to grow talent for leadership positions in his/her own organization and across functional, regional and brand borders.
  • Develop strategies to translate the company vision and strategy into division/department-specific goals and business plans.
  • Ensure consistent implementation of strategies and business plans through on going controlling and monitors of team and own performance and results.

 “Trading the Business”

  • Be knowledgeable about the targets and performance of local stores, understand which Retail Marketing levers need to be activated to impact which KPIs and know how to activate them as needed.
  • Work closely and cross-functionally with the market Retail team to pro-actively assess any performance issues (such as persistently declining traffic or a particularly slow month) and develop the tactical Retail Marketing and/or Retail CRM solutions that might be needed to address these.
  • Co-own Retail KPIs, in particular Traffic, Conversion, ATV, UPT, Net Sales and Profit Margin with the market Retail team.

Retail CRM

  • Ensure local Retail CRM strategy is in-line with global guidelines and will support the market to meet its Retail targets.
  • Ensure Retail CRM KPIs are appropriate, properly set, tracked and relevant actions are taken when these are not met.
  • Ensure local Retail CRM marketing materials complement existing Retail Marketing Campaigns and Promotions and deliver a positive ROI.


  • Own Retail Consumer Intelligence and drive the successful rollout and implementation of Consumer Profile Mapping across all stores as per global guidelines.
  • Identify optimal local Retail Marketing and Retail CRM agency and/or vendors both in terms of output and cost. Steer contractual terms and conditions. Manage agency and vendor relationship.
  • Own and manage market Marketing Activation budget, ensuring projects come in within budget and MWB is optimized.

Key Relationships:

  • WE Retail Marketing BO function
  • Market Retail Back Office and Field teams (Retail Director, Merchandising, VM,  Operations, Finance, etc.)
  • Market Brand Marketing
  • Market Retail Marketing agency and vendors
  • Global CtC

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong leadership, problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  • Advanced user of MS Office.
  • Fluency in English
  • Solid business acumen and in-depth knowledge of Retail KPIs
  • Highly numerate with the ability to understand and analyze data and produce actionable insights
  • Solid interpersonal, networking and negotiating skills
  • Geographically mobile

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:

  • University degree in business, ideally with a marketing and sales focus or equivalent professional experience.
  • 8-10 years Retail or Marketing experience (minimum 3 – 4 years Retail experience is essential).
  • 3 - 5 years management experience.
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