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Senior Credit Risk Consultant

  • London
  • 400 to 419 daily
  • May 7, 2019
  • Contract
About the Job:

This is an opportunity for a Senior Credit Risk Consultant to join a leading telco and tech company as part of the senior Credit team. This role forms part of the business strategy to mitigate risk, fraudulent activity and maximise profit. They are looking for a highly experienced credit risk professional that has experience working with Finance Directors, Marketing Teams and Global Strategy departments. You will be used to delivering volume campaigns that support a customer focused business; you'll be joining an amazing brand with great growth opportunities

About You

  • You have experience within global organisations liaising with senior stakeholders setting leading strategies
  • You are articulate and understand complex systems and how to present complex solutions
  • You love reporting, analytics and testing new builds
  • You can create marketing campaigns surrounding new credit risk strategies
  • You embrace change and enjoy showing the others the benefit of new strategies
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Reference: aneetah2605164070
Job ID: 1742
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