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DWMT Recruitment
  • West London
  • 20,000-21,999 per annum
  • April 30, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:

Tamarind Mayfair is a global brand with a premiere status and international following. 


- Provide professional guest service 

- Proudly delivers a quality customer experience in a fun and friendly atmosphere 

Greet guests and patrons personally and on the telephone 

Offer appropriate seating arrangements 

Present menus and take orders 

Ensure the quantity of menus is sufficient to cater to the number of guests 

Relay orders to the kitchen and ensure all orders are filled in a timely and accurate fashion 

Set up dining rooms and make reservation arrangements 

Maintain clean and organized tables and work area 

Manage event related work including setting up tables and maintaining both exterior and interior of the restaurant

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Reference: SAJ2705162721
Job ID: 2168
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