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PR Manager

  • Lancashire
  • 30,000-34,999 per annum
  • March 25, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:
If you are a PR Manager who is looking for a responsive, high profile and challenging role working with a leading brand name and ensuring that maximum exposure is gained for your company across the full range of channels available. 
This role is a core position within this company which will require you to build and work with national and local press contacts to ensure maximum exposure for the business. The role will be working on high profile campaigns with celebrity names in the music, film and sport industries as well as partnering with other key organisations in the area to ensure that footfall into the city is at it's highest. You will have to work on top end launches out of London as well as ensuring the core market is reached through other channels. There is a lot of stakeholder engagement within the role, both internally and externally and with press and non press contacts. 
The successful candidate will need to demonstrate a proven track record of running successful PR campaigns on a B2C basis across a variety of media channels and be able to demonstrate the ROI. You will need to have a genuine interest in building up the brand identity of one of the countries most iconic destinations. This enthusiasm will be key to the generation of ideas and campaigns which you will be given the opportunity to implement. You must demonstrate strong press relationship management. 
The role is paying a competitive salary but most of all it is offering an environment where you can bring new ideas, implement new ideas and gain valuable experience driving forwards a business where the core product/service is fun! 
This is an exciting business to work in and one where you'll want to get up in the morning and go into work! 
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Reference: PRMHPM0243
Job ID: 7035
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