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Love Jobs
  • East London
  • 16,000-17,999 per annum
  • April 30, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:

We are a company formation agent based in London.

We are currently looking for a full time company administrator.


  • experience in company formation or similar background is preferred

  • must be IT literate, particularly strong excel/word skills

  • able to work methodically, accurately and neatly

  • very good oral and written communication skills

  • be able to work as part of a team and be able to work unsupervised

  • sound organisational and interpersonal skills

  • able to work under pressure and meet deadlines

  • able to work independently 


Main duties includes:

  • Marketing and gathering client database

  • Managing online presence

  • General office administration, including dealing with general inquiries, order processing, dealing with telephone calls , general office task

  • general office assistance

  • Assist client in their queries

  • Writing business letters


The right candidate must be an Italian speaker.

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Reference: SAJ2705162712
Job ID: 2143
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