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Local Banker (Personal Banking and Customer Service)

Greens Group
  • Dorset
  • 14,000-15,999 per annum
  • May 7, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:

This is your opportunity to take customer service further. You’ll play an important part in making sure local people recognise your bank branch as an excellent place to find solutions to their financial goals. It’s about digging deep to find better ways of helping customers. From serving at the counter to conducting interviews, you’ll find out what customers need. Then you’ll tell them about the great TSB products and services that can make the difference they’re looking for. You might even demonstrate those products and register people for services like online banking. Along the way, you’ll achieve goals of your own and contribute to the performance of the whole team.

You don’t need a background in financial services or banking. What you do need is a genuine interest in and experience of helping customers, answering questions, solving problems and recommending services or products. Previous experience of working towards business objectives would be beneficial. Relishing in-depth training in our products and services, you’ll embrace opportunities to develop specialist skills and knowledge in areas like personal loans. You’ll also need to be willing to work on Saturdays. 
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