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IBM z Systems Cld/DevOps/API Economy Portfolio Marketing Professional

  • London
  • 26,000-27,999 per annum
  • March 22, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:
The IBM z Systems business unit is looking for a Portfolio Marketing Professional that seeks a challenging yet rewarding role with a real opportunity to drive market impact in the Cloud and API economy with our growing Enterprise DevOps portfolio and an exciting new acquisition area that will help IBM lead the emerging category around Application Discovery and Modernization.
IBM z Systems is a platform that is truly the backbone of today’s global economy.  A platform that 92 of top 100 global banks, 10 out of 10 of the biggest insurance companies, and 23 of the top 25 retailers rely on to run their business.  Its estimated that 68% of all the worlds production workloads and 55% or more of world’s transactions run on IBM z, and boasts some of the most advanced and modern technology across the industry, yet it is largely unknown, misunderstood and under appreciated.
The challenge: help enterprises make the move to a premier cloud platform with z Systems, turning every client into a service provider to win in the API economy by helping them unlock new value in their core business applications and data. This role will require someone who can drive transformation and excitement in the market, changing the way this technology platform and its Cloud/DevOps/API capabilities are perceived and ultimately exploited across existing and new buyer opportunities.
Marketing professionals in this role will will need a solid understanding of the enterprise systems segment and the z Systems platform in order to apply portfolio, segment and buyer expertise to architect the marketing strategy, end-to-end digital campaigns and the standards for client experience across the buyers journey for the z Cloud/DevOps/API product portfolio while continuously optimizing execution to achieve desired business results. Professionals in this role are accountable for: Working across and with other IBM business units to leverage portfolio, segment & buyer expertise to create a unique point of view; Matching portfolio capabilities to client needs to create roles-based value propositions;  Creating strategic messaging, proof points, market "story telling" narratives and creative content that persuades the market to act progress through the buyers journey; Evangelism and amplification in the market to improve the brand recognition and relevance; Actively applying subject matter expertise externally in the marketplace; Driving execution of integrated digital campaigns that create new leads, progress pipeline and accelerate win rate:  Applying business performance metrics to continually improve results.
If you are looking to become part of our highly decorated Portfolio Marketing Team and thrive on diving into complex areas and finding new and creative ways to convey the concepts simply, then this job is for you.
Responsibilities include:
  • Accountability for overall marketing and digital campaign performance against business objectives.
  • Develop deep knowledge and expertise around our IBM z Systems Cloud/DevOps/API capabilities and offerings, use cases, value propositions and target buyers. Work with our Sales and Marketing teams to understand our products, how they are used to help organizations transform their businesses, and what each offering can do individually as well as how they work together for 1+1=3 client benefit.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the enterprise systems segment and the z Systems platform
  • Understand our target markets, buyers and influencers, and the buyer’s journey. Develop deep knowledge of key roles, their pain points (both business and technical), and how they go about discovering and learning ways to solve their problems. Learn where they get information, what media they prefer, who they trust and how they prefer to consume the information.
  • Work vertically and horizontally across the organization, collaborating with senior leaders and with peers across disciplines, geographies and other IBM business units (e.g. IBM Cloud, Internet of Things, Security, EcoD, Developer Team and others for consistency in communications and execution. 
  • Work internally and externally to build advocacy, increase brand relevance, change market perceptions, build community and move market favorably towards the z Systems Platform to drive new levels of consideration and business outcomes for Cloud/DevOps on IBM z.
  • Other responsibilities will include product naming and branding, planning and attending events, participating in social marketing initiatives, and working with agencies and market influencers.
Success will require new, innovative thinking and creative approaches to elevating and energizing the discussion, relevance and interest of the platform in the market across constituencies with a buyer centric approach, given competitive threats and strategic business opportunities among new buyers, new markets and new channels. A demonstrated knowledge of the IBM z System platform, Cloud and DevOps -- and competitive environments is strongly desired
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