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Head of Nuclear

Reputation Management
  • London
  • 80,000-84,999 per annum
  • March 19, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:

High Level Summary:


  • Member of the UK Energy Market Leadership Team (MLT), reporting to the Energy MLT Lead.
  • Lead the UK Nuclear Practice: building an effective team, working with adjacent sectors, with strong collaboration across all industry teams.
  • Understand the market opportunity and define our client's niche.
  • Define and deliver the target market plan, build and share in-depth knowledge of the industry and specific client accounts (and ecosystem).


  • Build capability to support the market plans, our client's niche focus, build and develop our client's consulting teams.
  • Understand cross industry challenges and how to apply our client's core expertise.
  • Contribution to thought leadership and building our client's reputation.
  • Innovate ideas, define value propositions or service offerings configured to our client's target market and aligned to our client's capability.

Network and Sales:

  • Leverage personal and company 'buyer level' network and frameworks relevant to the target market and accounts.
  • Channel and pipeline development, including formation of relationships with Partner(s) if applicable, aligned to market opportunity.
  • Lead on consulting sales opportunities and services based account development.
  • Support other colleagues with their sales opportunities.


  • Flexibility and capability to personally lead and deliver significant transformation and/or core business operations initiatives, aligned to our client's expertise.
  • Lead by example on our client's culture and values.
  • Overall, comfortable and capable of Leading, or Managing or hands on Delivery of all aspects of the business.

Key Performance Measures (Business Areas):

  • Business Plan Growth (Sales & Delivery)
    • Revenue and Margin
    • Delivery - Utilisation on strategic engagements
  • Financials / Cash
  • Business Operations
    • Sales Actions
    • Coaching & Career Development
    • Thought Leadership & IP
  • Behaviours

You will be required to hold a minimum of SC security clearance. If you do not hold an active SC clearance please familiarise yourself with the vetting process before applying.

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