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Communications Manager

  • Buckinghamshire
  • 24,000-25,999 per annum
  • March 22, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:

Job overview:

At Mercedes-Benz, our aim is to deliver the best, or nothing. Our people create the environment needed to deliver an exemplary customer experience whilst connecting more customers with our award winning products. We’re keen to maximise opportunities for our customers and support them in reaching their business goals, ultimately supporting their customers too.


Job description:

We are looking for a Communications Manager to join the team, who will support in the development and delivery of the Mercedes-Benz communications strategy, to drive enquiries to achieve sales objectives for New Car, Used Car and After Sales business areas.


As the Communications Manager, you will focus on the development and deployment of innovative marketing communications (in line with brand marketing strategy) to increase accessibility and appeal of our vehicles to a wide audience. You will plan and deliver communications campaigns, co-ordinating across the business utilising the entire channel mix to deliver upon enquiries in line with our sales objectives.


Within this role, you will work with colleagues in Retail Marketing/PR/ Events/Sales/Product and Finance, for effective planning and delivery of communications.


Developing the annual budget plans and delivery within agreed annual budget will form part of your remit as will delivering savings (where possible), ensuring process is followed for the generation of all purchase orders, invoices and accruals.


Reviewing post campaign is also key, and you will oversee the review of campaign effectiveness in conjunction with insight colleagues to ensure findings influence future activity. 




To be successful in this role, you will be: 


  • Experience in developing communications strategy

  • Ability to objectively review creative output and ideas

  • Experience in management of creative and media agencies

  • Graduate level intellect, numeracy and communication skills

  • knowledge of media market

  • Advanced presentation skills and ability to influence and negotiate at a senior level

  • Financial acumen and analytical skills

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