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Charity street fundraising with Sense Scotland £9-£12/hr

Sense Scotland
  • Glasgow Area, Lanarkshire
  • 9.00 to 9.99 hourly
  • March 25, 2019
  • Temporary
About the Job:
As a Sense Scotland fundraiser, your job will be to work in different locations every day with some of the most inspirational individuals that you are ever likely to meet. You will approach and engage the public and seek to recruit regular long term donors through a Direct Debit donation.

Hours: Monday to Friday - 10:30am-6pm
Pay: £9-£12/hr guaranteed (depending on experience)
Full paid training
Weekly Pay & Holiday Pay
Immediate Starts
Whilst past experience in either fundraising or sales is welcome, it's definitely not essential! Full introductory training will be provided, as well as ongoing mentoring/coaching throughout your career with Sense Scotland. You will also get to see firsthand exactly what the money that you are raising is going to fund on a daily basis.
Sense Scotland is a disability and awareness charity who are determined to create a supportive world for any individual with complex communication needs.  They are diverse and inclusive and provide support, advice and resources for disabled individuals of all ages. Their objective is to help people achieve their full potential and ambitions and enjoy their life to the full.
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