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Bluemix Senior Garage Developer

  • London
  • 22,000-23,999 per annum
  • March 22, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:
We are assembling an ‘A’ team of developers, product managers and designers. Collaboration and rapid iteration is at the core of the way we design and build products.  As a Bluemix garage Developer, you should have a passion for writing amazing code and working with other developers to deliver innovative applications created and hosted on Bluemix platform.
The Bluemix Garage is an “Innovation and Transformation” consultancy located in the heart of the start-up community. Our design first organization applies IBM Design Thinking and Lean User Experience (UX) techniques to help our clients, large and small, deliver amazing experiences to their customers by helping them identify and build the right app on Bluemix. 
Our fast paced, collaborative, and co-located teams make the IBM Bluemix Garage the most exciting place to be.  Bluemix is IBM Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is a core part of IBM’s cloud strategy. Bluemix is trailblazing new technology platform and cloud services devOps, business models, developer outreach, and with the creation of the Bluemix Garage- a new type of consulting services lab.  Our clients choosing Bluemix are looking for innovation and agility in how apps are defined, designed, and developed.  The notion of the Garage was born out of the changes on how we work with our customers.  This is a distinctively new approach to app development, a 180 degree shift from the way the IBM does client engagements.  We are bringing clines into the garage and using IBM Design Thinking to get minimal viable product definition correct and adopting agile practices for developing quality apps rapidly.
The candidate will use programming techniques to deploy production ready code. Between projects the candidate will be expected to harvest and document best practices and lessons learned. We are looking for developers with demonstrated interpersonal skills.  We want developers who are excited to explore new technologies.  Garage Developers will handle pair programming, test driving development, and continuous integration and deployment.  Bluemix is rapidly adding new IBM and Partner services, so the candidate will be continuously learning new skills as we execute client projects in 4 to 12 weeks.  You will be working alongside Bluemix Garage Developers and Architects, Bluemix Garage Practice Leaders and Customer Product Managers, Developers and Subject matter Experts.
The Bluemix Garage is looking for talent that has a passion to innovate and is willing to take on challenges that are outside of their comfort zone.
Skills required
  • Previous experience in software development using Java and other languages
  • Proven experience in building cloud application
  • Experience in LeanUX and working with multi-disciplinary teams of design and development and product management
  • Preferred Experience in Bluemix, Test Driven Development, Mac/Linux, Watson, Analytics, Mobile ,Node.js or React.
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